Living the Dream in California!

So it’s been 6weeks since I set foot in the USA, and a great 6weeks it has been! The first week however I was sick, so spent the week doing bugger all and had to boycot my first planned race which was the weekend after I flew in. Since then it has been all go! I have been lucky to have a homestay with the wonderful Bev and her two gorgeous dogs Teddy and Yogi!


Training has been incredible around Santa Monica, we have some awesome riding areas in the mountains, climbs that take up to an hour, and the most amazing scenery of endless mountain peaks and the beautiful blue ocean. Todays ride was unreal, after climbing up through the low lying clouds we finally reached high enough ground to see blue skies and have the sun shining down on us, and looking back down across the valley was endless layers of clouds with the mountain peaks popping through! Truely amazing! The relentless climb to the top was well worth it!


I’ve got some kick arse teammates, who are all awesome people and great training partners! Coaches Siri and “Calvin” are amazing, and with us for all of our sessions! Siri is great, I’m learning so much from her, I love having her by our side each and every day! I couldn’t think of a better place to be training!

Coach Calvin

I had my first race last weekend- the Rev3 Olympic distance race in Knoxville, Tennessee. This was my first ever Rev3 race, and wow what an awesome event! So well organised and tonnes of fun! I had a homestay with my friend Kristin White, who I met in 2010 when we had another homestay together in Texas! I haven’t seen her since then, so we had a great weekend together! Neither of us are short distance girls, we both do half-full ironman, so this was a race for both of us to just have a good hit out and (try to) get some speed going in the legs!

The swim is where I lost most of my time….wow those short distance girls can swim….faaaaast! So I came out with quite a few minutes between me and the front girls! Onto the bike, I passed a few, but rode similar times to the top girls, so didn’t make any ground up on them! The bike course was great, rolling hills, so there was really much space to get down in the bars and hammer out a good TT, but the ups and downs were fun and kept you honest! The run went good aswell, but I held the same position off the bike, so ended up with a 14th place at the end of the day. I had a fun day and was happy with my bike-run, just the swim needs continuing attention!

So the next race is another Rev3 race at the beginning of June, this time half ironman distance, in Conneticut. It looks to be a stellar field racing, so will be fun toeing the line with some of the top long distance girls and seeing where I measure!

For now, the training continues in our playground of endless mountains, beautiful run trails, and 50m outdoor pools and soon to be ocean!

This past week we had a couple of guest appearances to our training group. Firstly Macca came along to swim with us a couple of times at the start of the week, and then Lance Armstrong turned up on Friday, which was rather exciting! They both kicked my arse in the water, maybe I’ll give them a run for their money on the bike, haha, yeah right!


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